Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Registration Information

Registration for the conference is at the door. The cost remains $50.00 If you have questions please call 360-485-8036.


Jewellybeano said...

Whoa, that was weird. I was searching for stuff about Hendersonville and your blog came up. Freaky to actually find someone I know in the blogging world.

Great Grace Ministries said...

We just arrived home. Thanks for commenting on our blog. Any chance you would be coming to Wa. around June 15th?

Jewellybeano said...

Hey Danice,
MMMMmmmm, why do you ask about June 15th?
I was actually going to try and see my friend in Seatle sometime this summer, but haven't made any firm plans. Why you ask?
Just got back from the partners thing in Hendersonville. It was awesome. Sewed some more for betsy's living room. Heading back for the advance soon.