Friday, September 5, 2008

Bio for NW Women - Melody Paasch

Melody is the sound of a shofar, calling a new generation to battle. A passionate lover of the King. She is called to clothe the Bride in glory and beauty. A voice of authority and fresh vision for the coming hour; dedicated to establishing and empowering a company of young prophets about to be released in the earth.

She releases deliverance and destiny through the interpretation of dreams and travels doing Dream Seminars as prophetic evangelism. Bringing understanding to dreams, she uses dreams as a tool to provoke the body and unbelievers to walk in relationship and communication with God.

She is a seer of destiny in all people. A gatherer of the prophetic and the first Mother of the prophetic gathering called “Rated PG”. “Rated PG” was given to her in 2004 as a gathering to equip and call the next generation of believers. Ministering to all ages prophetically, she is commissioned under Mickey and Sandie Freed of Zion Ministries located in Bedford, TX. Melody resides in the Seattle/Tacoma, WA area.


LYNN said...

hi melody where are you and how can we get a hold of you. can not find your website?
Lynn Wines
And Perdita
Sues friend.

Melody said...

Hi Lynn, Perdita.

My website is and I am in Eastern Washington. I am often over on the West side and do some ministry over in that area.

Thanks for writing. Feel free to shoot me an email through the website.

Jon Fitzpatrick said...

Hi Melody,

I was told to contact you by some dear friends and I cannot access your website for some strange reason. I tried,,, etc. Please email me at so that I may email you and talk to you about why I was referred. Thank you, Jon Fitzpatrick